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Stay At Home Moms

The ups and downs of SAH parenting.

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This community is for the discussion of the ups and downs of being a stay at home parent. Talk of parenting, cooking, housework, relationships, etc is welcome. Flaming, personal attacks and similar unpleasant behavior are not. This is an open community and will remain so as long as everyone plays nice :)

Note: this is not a photo community. Posts full of pictures, with no topical content will be deleted. If you'd like to share photos of your kids, please use the babypictures community. Similarly, as many moms and dads are on several parenting lists, we do not allow crossposting. If you need help and think the topic is appropriate for more than one community, post it in your own journal. Then post here explaining how it is relevant to this group and then add a link back to your original entry. Not only does this make everyones friends pages less cluttered, it keeps all of your comments in a single entry.

**If I am told of members consistently breaking the rules they will either lose their posting abilities, or be removed from the group! If you posted here and now cannot find your post, it was probably deleted. If you want to post but cannot, it is because you failed to comply with the groups rules and have been suspended.**

Questions or problems should be directed to goodjoan at joan at askgoodjoan dot com